jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Rafael Gomezbarros -

We are, Somos #, 2013, Fibra de vidrio, resina, carbón, arena y cemento

"Clandestine mass graves are habitual and systematic in the violent history of Colombia. In the last decade, these paramilitary and military practices have escalated to the point that society, and in particular art, feels an urgency to visualize them. In this sense, art becomes the vehicle that activates the condition of life, history and memory that hold the bones of missing bodies whose systematic and clandestine burials have unsuccessfully tried to be silenced.

We are # proposal is founded on the aesthetic quest to dismantle those silences, those bodies converted into numbers which germinate from the land under which have been buried; The work as memory device, rescued from oblivion of a society. The appearance of a peaceful - inhabitated forest contrasts the violence and the resistance, forming a landscape whose roots are contained only by forced disappearence."


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