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Dans le cadre du 50ème anniversaire de la mort de Georges Braque, la ville de Saint-Dié-des-Vosges présente, cet été, deux événements culturels majeurs. 
Exposition Georges Braque, l'artisan 2013

Georges Braque, né à Argenteuil (Seine-et-Oise, actuellement Val-d'Oise) le 13 mai 1882 et mort à Paris le 31 août 1963, était un peintre et sculpteur français. Il fut, avec Pablo Picasso, l'un des initiateurs du cubisme.

'Turner’s Whaling Pictures', en el Metropolitan Museum of Art, Del 10 de mayo al 7 de agosto de 2016.

Joseph Mallord William Turner (Reino Unido, 1775–1851)
Balleneros, ca. 1845. Óleo sobre lienzo
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Wolfe Fund, 1896

CHARLES LE BRUN, Le Rubens français ! , Le peintre du Roi-Soleil

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James Smart, Dirt - Nat Geo 2015 Photo of Year

Anti Cyclonic tornado narrowly misses a farm house as it sucks up the earth. Colorado, USA


This short movie describes process of creation where co-workers are involved, as it has signs of team work, the video is an effort to practice Tezi Gabunia's main concept, which abolishes author as an original creator, so it also responds to post-modernistic death of the author.

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Gene Kogan, "Cubist Mirror"

Cubist Mirror: Artwork by Gene Kogan presents observers in the style of a Cubist composition, using the neural network Style Transfer method: A near-real-time style transfer mirror based on ‘Perceptual losses for real-time style transfer’ from Johnson et al, trained on an unidentified Cubist painting.

Massimo Sestini, Italy, 7 June, off the coast of Libya.

Caption: Shipwrecked people are rescued aboard a boat 20 miles north of Libya by a frigate of the Italian navy. After hundreds of men, women and children had drowned in 2013 off the coast of Sicily and Malta, the Italian government put its navy to work under a campaign called “Mare Nostrum” rescuing refugees at sea. Only in 2014, 170,081 people were rescued and taken to Italy.

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Jameel Prize 4

Jameel Prize 4 exhibition in Istanbul organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in partnership with Art Jameel, and in collaboration with the Pera Museum is between 8 June 2016 and 14 August 2016.

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Isabelle Hocheid

Technique mixte sur papier 50x65!papiers-2016/cmsw

Davy & Kristin Mcguire

Floating City in collaboration with Joanie Lemercier and Jay-Z

Floating City is a large scale animated paper architecture commissioned by Barneys New York for their iconic holiday windows. Via a large gold structure built out onto the Madison Avenue sidewalk the public enters a darkened theatre in which they find a floating, shimmering version of New York City. The suspended paper model inside the window repeatetly transforms through 3D mapping and light projections during a looping three-minute experience.

News / Film Mat Maitland’s surrealist artworks for Komono watches inspired by Magritte

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Proyecto Jano (Zenón), abandona Arenys de Mar, tras largos años de intenso trabajo animado por promesas de gente de la política municipal, que finalmente han demostrado no sólo no interesarse por nuestro proyecto sino confundir al público aludiendo a intereses espurios de los que somos ajenos totalmente. Creímos ciegamente en un proyecto, de unos políticos, que ha sido víctima de enfrentamientos entre ellos, tergiversando y olvidando sus orígenes y nuestras verdaderas intenciones. Ahora nos toca, negociar la nueva ubicación del proyecto, de la que informaremos tan pronto sea una realidad y confirmamos que los políticos piensan que cultura es una palabra que se escribe con Q, que con ella no ganan votos para asegurarse el sillón (poder), y demás prebendas. Por eso no nos extraña la creciente e imparable desafección por esta gente que sólo intenta manipularnos en beneficio propio y de unos cuantos que les rodean con estudiadas y bonitas frases que simulan ir en beneficio de todos nosotros.

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FREDERIC RZEWSKI in Pittsburgh at Wholey's Fish Market

FRIEZE NEW YORK, Randall's Island Park May 5 – 8, 2016


Maya Payne VR Experience

mo H. zareei aka mHz is electronic musician

The brutalist noise ensemble | performance
mo h. zareei
mar 2015
streaming museum

mo H. zareei aka mHz is an electronic musician, a sound artist, and a music technology researcher, born and raised in iran. after completing his physics degree at shahid beheshti university of tehran, zareei moved to the united states in 2010 to study at california institute of the arts, where he started to explore the world of electronic music, making sound from scratch with codes, algorithms, and circuits. using custom-built software and hardware, his experiments with sound cover a wide range from electroacoustic and electronic compositions to soundsculptures and installations. striving to turn the harsh, unwanted, and unnoticeable into the pleasing and accessible, zareei’s work is particularly targets the point where noise meets grid-based structures. his performances and installations have been exhibited in several international events such as the international symposium on electronic art, new interfaces for musical expression conference, international computer music conference, and wellington lux. zareei’s installation work “rasping music” won 1st prize for sound art in the sonic arts award 2015.

zareei is a featured artist on streaming museum. he is currently living in new zealand, where he is pursuing his phd research on noise music and mechatronics at victoria university of wellington

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