jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

Jack White


Conzo Throb

Olafur Eliasson, Meteorological circles

Meteorological circles, 2016
Long Museum, Shanghai, 2016
Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Adel Abidin, Yesterday 2015

I find the lyrics from the 1965 Beatles song “Yesterday”, as a great metaphor to describe the situation in the Arab world nowadays, especially after the events of the Arab spring and the rise of ISIS.
A Hand painted site-specific installation is a reproduction the banner lines so typical of TV breaking news announcements. The translated English lyrics into Arabic of the song are wrapping around the rooms.
“Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly I'm not half the man I used to be. There's a shadow hanging over me. Oh, yesterday came suddenly.
Why she had to go, I don't know, she wouldn't say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday.”

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

Jamie North



Jonathan Viner

Octave Landuyt. The diversity of a genius


Radar, 1952, óleo sobre lienzo, 50 x 70 cm

"La cortesana" joya de una momia,
Colgantes, 12,5 x 14 cm,

Oro amarillo, zafiros estrella 8, 8 ringagaten, 35 diamantes, 13 diamantes (floretes)


Huang Yulong

Beginner’s Mind, 2015
Bronze 200X200X80cm



Joan Miró at Sejong Art Center in Seul

Joan Miro, Spanish painter and potter, began in cubism but later turned to formative surrealism. His works contain elements of primitive cave paintings in eastern Spain, Arabic literature, Islamic decorative elements and rococo elegance. This exhibition presents a collection amounting to 264 pieces..


Njideka Akunyili Crosby

“The Beautyful Ones” Series #3, 2014

Acrylic, color pencils, collage, charcoal and transfers on paper 5.1 ft. × 3.5 ft.

Clara Drummond, wins 2016 BP Portrait Award

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

Bigfly, Les ravages du temps

Les ravages du temps
"Complexe mélange entre l'éphèmere et l'éternel."
"Complex mix between the ephemeral and the eternal."
Production BigFly


Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Turkey

Percé Rock

Percé Rock (2016), cast polyurethane resin
30 x 200 x 35 cm (without plinth), 100 x 230 x 70 cm (with plinth). Installation view Rampa Istanbul, 2016. © Chroma (André Carvalho & Tuğba Karatop)

Black Tresses

Black Tresses (2016), Bronze, human hair, 24 x 15 x 10 cm (without plinth). Installation view Rampa Istanbul, 2016. © Chroma (André Carvalho & Tuğba Karatop)


Lateefa Spiker

turquoise rising

Oil on canvas
60cm by 96cm

Tom Berry

Pen & Ink


Thomas Gromas, text sculptures

sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

Keetje Mans

The Brim Lair

Oil on linen 160x200cm 2016


Frederique Jonker

Bram Braam, Modern Mutants

Jeff Koons

ARTPOP - Lady Gaga album cover designed by Jeff Koons (2013)

ARTPOP – Lady Gaga
Koons designed Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album cover and exhibited artwork at Gaga’s artRAVE in the Brooklyn Navy Yard


Gideon Rubin

Lying - down, 35,5x41 cm. oil on linen


Guy Yanai

Fox Hill Road - Lake - 2016, oil on linen, 36x30 cm

jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

Edgar Bacalao Argaez, México

2016 NYCDFF Winners

The NYCDFF is the world's first event exclusively dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography. The festival offers an international platform for filmmakers from every corner of the globe to exhibit their work in front of industry professionals and the drone community. 


Katherine Frazer

'RAM pilgrim' by Katherine Frazer (2016) C-print mounted on aluminum. Image courtesy of Katherine Frazer.

Melike Kara

Torey Thornton

Bangs On A Round Face, Or A Cap Sleeve, 2013
acrylic , oil marker, white out, ink and sharpie on paper
14 x 11 3/4 inches

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

​Andrés Durán Dávila​, Artista Visual, Chile

El artista chileno Andrés Durán ganó el Premio Descubrimiento PHE 2016 en el contexto de la XIX edición de PHotoEspaña por su serie Monumento Editado, fotografías y video-instalaciones que presentan monumentos conmemorativos intervenidos digitalmente por medio de técnicas avanzadas de post-producción digital. El reconocimiento, que le merece una exposición individual en la próxima edición de PHotoEspaña, fue otorgado por un jurado compuesto por Guillaume Chamahian, Director Artístico de Les Nuits Photographiques, París; Gastón Deleau, Director de la Fototeca Latinoamericana (FoLa), Argentina; y Pía Ogea, comisaria independiente, España.


martes, 14 de junio de 2016


Amir Peri, Photographer

A Little Too Interested by Amir Peeri:

A Little Too Interested by Amir Peeri

Amir Peeri is a self taught photographer and digital artist living in Tel Aviv, Israel. He began experimenting with photography and digital manipulation approximately 2 years ago. He explains, “I love to do manipulations on photographs so I can create the concepts that are in my imagination.”

Miya Ando, "Ascension Leaves"

"Ascension Leaves" Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) Skeleton Leaves, Dye, Nylon, Mineral Dust, Quartz Crystal, 180 x 96 Inches, Montefiore Hospital Lobby, New York 2015

"Ascension Leaves" Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) Skeleton Leaves, Dye, Nylon, Mineral Dust, Quartz Crystal, 180 x 96 Inches, Montefiore Hospital Lobby, New York 2015

Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa), Akeleton, Leaves, Dye, Nylon, Mineral Dust, Quartz Crystal. 108 x 96 inches.
Permanently installed, Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, New York

lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

Motoi Yamamoto

Aigues-Mortes, France
May 17 (Tue.) 2016 - November 30 (Wed.)

Artist : Jean -Pierre Formica and Motoi Yamamoto
Opening Reception : May 17 (Tue.) 12:00 pm

Aigues-Mortes is a walled city with a remnant of medieval days in Southern France. It has a long history as a base town for crusade expeditions but today, it is known for its wine and salt production. I am going to work on two installations in a castle tower that was built in the 13th century.

Dan Witz, Peta 2015 - Street Art


Actual Victim #26, H Street, 2015


Mike Worrall

The Lost Narrative

The Lost Narrative, Oil on Linen


BigFly : Byzantine

Ballade en drone à l'intérieur d'une église Neo Byzantine.
A Drone, a Neo Byzantine church.
A solemn place as the sun highlights every day. Go to his discovery.
Production BigFly
Festival :
Meilleur Film catégorie Architecture - Drone Film & Photo festival (Belgique) - 2016
2ème Prix du Jury - Drone Festival (Pologne) - 2016
Séléction Officielle - Los Angeles CineFest (USA) - 2016
Séléction Officielle - Viva Film Festival (Bosnie-Herzégovine) - 2016
Séléction Officielle - London Drone Film Festival (Angleterre) - 2016
Séléction Officielle - Festival du Film Professionnel de Drone (Nantes) - 2016


In the process of disappearing in front of the Pyramid du Louvre by Chinese @liubolin

sábado, 11 de junio de 2016

Viviana Rodriguez, Argentina

Obra seleccionada en el Palais de Glace de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, para el Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales 2016. Serie "L´amueblement moderne", realizada con grabados franceses de principios de 1900 calados y el tejido con hojas de un libro francés de 1910. Tres de ellas están intervenidas con plegados de diccionarios liliputienses de 1964 de 600 páginas. Los marcos, adquiridos en el tiempo y algunos de ellos fueron bandejas francesas. 

Jürgen Schadeberg, photographs of six decades of jazz

Dancing on the piano 1952
Ideas came from Harlem and New Orleans that South Africans such as Lena Horn, Satchmo, The American Inkspots and The Mills Brothers adapted adding their unique African flavour