miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

Darja Bajagić

Manuela Ruda & Sophie Lancaster, 2016 
UV-printed aluminum-brushed Dibond with shaped MDF frame / acrylic paint, canvas 
diptych approx. 57.25 x 46.47 x 1.5 in. + 57.25 x 42.25 x 1.5 in. / 10 x 10 ft

The body count in Unlimited Hate assembles an unlikely cast of women memorialized as cutout busts that evoke fanzine clippings as much as the flattened passion of Byzantine icons. These include “Manuela and Sophie,” 2016, a diptych using found photographs of Manuela Ruda and Sophie Lancaster. Ruda is a self-proclaimed Satanic murderess who together with her husband stabbed his mild-mannered workmate who loved The Beatles 66 times at the Dark Lord’s bidding in Witten, Germany (the couple would later say that they’d chosen him as their sacrificial victim because he was “so funny and would be the perfect court jester for Satan”). By contrast, Lancaster was a 20-year old Lancashire, England native who was fatally beaten in 2007 by five teenage boys, inexplicably enraged by her and her boyfriend’s ‘goth’ appearance. 


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